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1. Photographs Taken Around The World by TICK-TOCK SAYURI
2. Message from The Hairdresser
3. For Japanese Hairdressers
4. Secret Techniques of Hair Design
5. Real & Natural Beauty
6. The Core Missions of The Hairdresser
7. Back to Nature
8. Supplemental Explanation

For this publication, we got recommendations for “Japanese Hair Dressers” from a number of wonderful people in all walks of life. We deeply appreciate this. We freely reach out to people in all fields without being constrained by fixed concepts from the traditional cosmetic world.

Listed in random order

Every time I turn a page, Sayuri invites me into a completely new world. The sense and talent which Japan should display with pride to the world – we finally feel it from a single book. I confess that I am already longing for her second book.

Writer and management consultant, Masanori Kanda

I wish we can, talk, collide, learn, think, and be happy together! I hope for many ambitious hair dressers to take part in the “story of Sayuri”. Through “For Japanese Hair Dressers”, I hope we can inspire more “people who can make other people beautiful” and “people who can change the world”. And I hope that Japanese hairdressers can bring this message to the world. This book makes me feel Sayuri’s philosophy and her messages of hope.

LESS IS MORE| Hair Salon, Lim group, Director, Tetsuya Nishimura

While many professions are being broken down into more and more specialized fields, a hairdresser is rare in still being a designer and a craftsman, and I am impressed by this. In any field, you can make the effort to earn a grade of 50-80 points. But when you try to go from 80 points to 100, each additional point is increasingly difficult to earn. Although effort this can be tiring, I believe that there is a great “masterpiece value” in “going on without losing sight of your goal”. I got a wonderful message of courage.

Kobe Remake Project, Representative, Takahito Kahino

This is neither a mere hair catalog nor simply a photo collection. This is a book by hair artists who define themselves as “craftsmen”, and it offers new possibilities and directions for future generations. By restructuring the time and space of the object, this reintegrates the expression of each individual in the hair artist’s eyes, such that the hair, itself, will be the first element in the frame. Please also watch the stylists' hands. The stylists’ hands in the frame become craftsmen’s hands, which create “beauty” and “happiness”. These hands are also floating, seemingly under the control of the hair, itself, as if they are seeking something. Or perhaps these movements of the hands only seem to be behaving that way in the watcher's mind, and maybe they are neither seizing nor desiring anything. I sincerely welcome this new artist into the fashion world.

Kobe Fashion Museum, Business Department, museum in museumBusiness department chief, Kouhei Katsuma

There are people who create their own world. This world is not a boring place of conventional and conservative manners, but rather, it is a dynamism which attracts the young mind, and even if these people may experience ennui, it's the ”melancholy of youth” for them. Ms. Sayuri is a spokesperson for youth, and she's a bard who always tells the stories of the permanently young at heart.

Hair and cosmetic editor, Mari Ube

Our Japanese hairdressers are wonderful. Through hair, they make people's dreams of happiness come true. No one does that better than hairdressers. Ms. Sayuri has realized hairdressers’ designs, dreams, hopes, and hospitality in the form of a book. I want people of the world to feel this, and not just think about it. I finally have found such a book. Thanks to Ms. Sayuri!

Dahlia, Co., Ltd., Director, Shinichi Takagi

We went together to the photo studio in mysterious Maui. I felt like my whole soul was being shaken by Ms. Sayuri’s wonderful power, which vibrated objects, people, and the entire Earth. She is truly a natural-born artist in channeling hair design and photo art works! She firmly holds to this attitude: she revolves around her own axis and always maintains her own view of the world, which is expressed in her works. Those of us who live normal, every-day lives are given an extraordinary experience. Sayuri’s art energizes people. I am proud to be Ms. Sayuri’s companion and friend. With love,

Bloom Co., Ltd., Director, Tomoko Yurimoto

(Hair grows) Hair is alive, You can say that this book is a living art collection.

Kobe Fashion Week Executive Producer / Kobe Fashion Association administration officer Keitarou Takada

When looking in this book, I truly realize that the most important thing is the journey! But I can sculpt, and this creates joy and beauty for me. I also strive to pass my time by changing the nature of time (how it flows). In the case of Ms. Sayuri, I could also feel that she enjoys life and beauty, through the flow of time within her journey. I would like to do the same.

Representative of boy / Former Art Director of VIDAL SASOON Masayuki Mogi

Ms. Sayuri is quick to catch onto the fashion trends of the world, and she has an instinctive power to eliminate triteness from fashion. Therefore, her works are never vague or unfocused, and she realizes them as energetic and strong. And her creations are life energy, itself. There is no falseness or deception in her. What is creation? What is natural? What is human? What is the self? This art book provides you with all those answers. And the answer you are searching for is certainly in there, as well.

Photographer Masaya Izeki

In this book, the author (SAYURI) asks “Why did God give us humans hair that keeps growing?” and she answers her own question. Only a true hairdresser would probably even think of asking this question. Of course these are the author's words, because her world view is precisely that of a Japanese hair-dresser. I hope this book, “For Japanese Hair Dressers,” makes an impact whose ripples continue to spread throughout the world.

Tatsuya Sakaguchi CEO, From Far East, inc.

Sayuri Ushio




Having shifted from kimonos to Western clothes, many Japanese are now seeking a more Western look that involves a stereoscopic balance of bone structure from head to neck. We have studied and developed the “Step Bone Cut”, which is our own technique for adapting this Western look to the characteristic flat bone structure of Asians. Step Bone Cut is covered in various periodicals, including cosmetic magazines, general magazines, etc.


You feel a pleasurable sensation while walking through different dimensions between the real and the imaginary world. Sayuri’s futuristic ideas feel like an inspiration from the heavens that is descending to Earth. The unique and fantastic view of the world called “Sayuri’s World” expresses itself through hairstyling, and it embellishes its story with sounds and pictures.


Along with the hairstyling art-works which we created by taking photos as we traveled all over the world, we have created “The World Photo”, in which we present landscapes from our own point of view of the journey. Using ecological and spiritual pictures and prose, we report on current Japanese hairstyling techniques from a global point of view, and on the beauty of Japanese minds. The art book, “For Japanese Hairdressers”, has been published simultaneously in Japan and in the USA.


Hair has life just like anything with life has a heart Everything existing in the world has life, past or present.
Thus, I love all things very much.

I have seen the emotions of hair all along. Joy, sadness, anger....
Talking to the hair, listening to the voice of the hair, feeling the hair; I told myself the feelings of the hair.

My work is alternating the life of hair.
As the trees of the forest that grow from the earth, fluttering in the earths wind. From the head of the human body, the hair grows like a plant, feeling the wind blowing just the same. This is because there is life.

As the cut flower withers at that moment.
When you cut your hair, the hair is coming from the life of an important woman, transforming as it is removed from its life source.
It is a living body,and then a corpse.

Yes, the plant and the hair are the same.
Also, as animals and humans are the same

I have been a hairdresser forever I ate a lot hair over the years.
When cutting with hair in a salon, the hair that had broken flew and entered the mouth.
Often in my dreams it looked as if hair would come out forever.
Even if you pull the hair coming out of your mouth by hand;
Even if you pull it out, your hair comes out of your throat forever.
It as if now, myself may already be made of hair.
Both hair and human beings are made of amino acids and minerals, and moisture, so it is no wonder that we are the same.

Since we are the same, that means hair can be eaten like plants.
Although, it is simply a dream, never has hair been eaten.

We have received a life by eating life.
This body is all made from life.

Hair, nails, skin, internal organs, eyes, everything is made out of what..
If it dies like after the hair is cut, what will it become like? . .

I want to design hair so that it will rejoice at least while my hair is alive.


  • Graduated Beauty and Arts school of Kobe
  • 1985

  • 1990

  • Started photograph taking activities while doing salon working Greenwich Village, NY
  • 1999

  • TICK-TOCK Delicious OPEN
  • TICK-TOCK Paradime OPEN
  • 2000

  • Established Tick-Tock Communication, Inc.
  • Awarded the grand-prix in TADA PHOTO COLLECTION
  • JHA, Kansai area, finalist
  • 2001

  • TICK-TOCK Torwest OPEN
  • JHA, Rising Star, finalist
  • Double awarded “cover prize” and “designer prize” in Milbon photo collection
  • 2003

  • Nominated as the finalist in ARIMINO PHOTO COLLECTION
  • Photo exhibition in TICK-TOCK Airline
  • 2004

  • Opened a photo exhibition, ”Fair Story” in Rough Rare, Kobe
  • 2005

  • Opened an individual exhibition in ARIMINO PHOTO COLLECTION
  • Nominated as the finalist in the ARIMINO PHOTO COLLECTION
  • 2006

  • Introduced our own product, Wonder Water (current “Mind of Mind” to all practices).
  • Started ecological activities in neutralizing chemical antagonism by applying techniques to permanent wave and dyeing hair.
  • 2009

  • Serialization of ”LIVE &MOVE”, a work of photos and prose on the NH magazine published by Salon News Magazine, Co., Ltd.
  • 2010

  • Opened TICK-TOCK Design Laboratory, a photo studio and art gallery
  • Exhibition, “Flower artist, Mr. Koroku Hihara and collaboration ”Flower arrangement for Japanese hairdressers, “Flowering! For Japanese Hairdressers!”
  • Published Art Photo book. Toured and gave demonstrations in Japan and NYC.
  • 2011

  • Invited to give workshops at Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing, China
  • 2012

  • Hair Show in Taiwan
  • 2013

  • 「Acquired a patent for her revolutionary hair cut method
  • COLETTE fille de TICK-TOCK Tor-west OPEN
  • COLETTE fille de TICK-TOCK Airline OPEN
  • 2014

  • 2015

  • Started art project in NYC, Paris, Taiwan, Singapore, and Jakarta.
  • 2016

  • Established STEP BONE CUT NY Inc.
  • 2017

  • Opened Pop up store of STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS at Barneys New York in Roppongi Tokyo.
  • 2018

  • The publication for her new book has been decided with a famous Japanese publishing company.
  • A Woman who changes her hair can look like she’s 10 years younger.
  • Awards



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